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As a human being and founder of EPH - Energetic Power Healing, it is my duty to maintain a moral code within this beautiful energy we work with.


Being spiritual is something everyone is in their own way, someone shows it by going with certain clothes, certain hats or saying things they associate with something spiritual. But finding peace and feeling the love of the universe or the creator is only something few will experience as it requires 100% surrender.


I am a trained facilitator Of KAP under Master Venant W.

My yoga journey as a teacher is 15 years old. I have both lived in the temple as a monk and had wild days on the dance floor.


I am a human being, with great respect for life, and all the facets that belong to life. Ethics and Morality are the two most important things in the world with EPH - you will never see yourself as inferior after your course with EPH.

I can not answer everything, but I can say that you should always listen to yourself, you know if it is the voice of GOD or the Devil that speaks to you when you learn to listen.


I was with Ditte. It was so lovely. I came on an inner journey where I came in contact with sorrow and with so much enjoyment, beauty and light in me.

The Kundalini energy flowed in my body, in lovely waves and I have had a great time here in the days after.

Ditte is really talented and I can highly recommend her work.

Two sessions have been quite strong experiences for me. In the energy of the room and the music and with Ditte's facilitation, I have found room for both grief, bliss and not least felt my own strengths, abilities and methods to heal myself, among other things through giving sound.

It also requires something of me, for example: That I dare to let things happen physically and mentally even if they are strange. That I follow my great urge to make sound from me. That I accept my voice in my head that both analyzes and explains and sometimes says no now that must be enough. That I then allow myself a little break from time to time. And not least that I, when the break makes me relax from my judgments of what is happening, again let me (too) lead into movement and expression. The sessions remind me of how to let go in the way I block my true expression and my true power.

Think it is wild what body and mind itself can in the right environment. It will not be the last time. Thanks.


Ditte is an amazing person and outstanding facilitator!

She has plenty of energy and charisma. I also appreciate her honesty and desire to help. Would recommend EPH experience with Ditte to everyone.

Thank you Ditte !!


Kære Ditte❤️du har så evig ret❤️
Jeg er begyndt at se indad… har set mig selv på overvågning og fik et chok over hvor stresset jeg er! Og det påvirker mine kollegaer! 

Du ved jo selv at ens butik er ens hjertebarn man har kæmpet igennem for at få succes og jeg forventer en vis standart som jeg selv ville gøre det.. af mine ansatte.. jeg har meldt ud til mine 3 ansatte idag at det er mig der styrer dårlig ledelse og jeg tar et lederkursus og de ting jeg vil ændre.. de blev faktisk glade over det! At jeg kunne vise MIN svaghed! 


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