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Where do I start my journey ???

In Energetic Power Healing, you have several different options to get started.

You can book a private session where only You is the focus, or You can come on an intimate team, which is primarily for beginners or people who have more time by receiving the energy.

After a 3 - 4 intimate sessions where there is a maximum of 6 on the team, you can start getting on Kundalini Awareness which is for people who are activated, this can be teams up to 20 people.

And if you want to go deeper in your process, Go Deeper will be an option.


To become a facilitator, you must have been through the whole mill and your facilitator must approve you with Founder for the course as a facilitator.


The prices for the different teams are.


Private session 1500kr

Intimate hold 690kr

KA 350kr

GD 2500kr / 2 days

Facilitator training DKK 52,000


Have you missed feeling the divine energy in you ?? to feel alive and loved ???
We are all born with a pure, raw life force that lies latent in all of us and which - when activated - sends waves of impulses through the body.


By nature, energy is intelligent and knows exactly what you need. Every time. It never goes wrong. You can only receive what you are able to handle at the given time. That way it will always be
opportunity to grow (develop)


It frees you from your current energy level and lifts you to the next, and in several sessions it affects both your brain structure and the central nervous system. For most, the activation often provides deep insights, insights and redemptions - and for some, the experience is decidedly life-changing. It can feel intimidating to the ego, as an activated person may feel a loss of interest in his old life and identity, and consciousness may move into hitherto unfamiliar states, which at first may seem confusing.


Many have a desire to experience the recognizable life energy and feel something other people spend 20-30 years achieving through yoga, raw food, breathing exercises and all sorts of other spiritual methods. It is possible to be awakened in a simple session if one is ready for it.


It is very individual how many sessions one needs. One can say, the more controlled a life one has, the more sessions it may require as it is about daring to open up,
Our brain or system never stands still. Somehow it always vibrates at a frequency. Some are low frequencies, others are high frequencies. Together they have the power to create harmony. Your thoughts, feelings and sensations in perfect balance, centered and open to everything around you.



There are very few who can become a Facilitator, but do not give up when you are ready there is room.

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